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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dick Tracy & the future of the Internet

When I was a boy I loved Saturday morning cartoon’s. You know the likes of The super friends, Shazam, Hong Kong Phooey. Sunday morning I loved to spend reading the comic strips from the paper, most importantly Dick Tracy. 

Recently, I was at the bank doing what you normally do at a bank, and the teller a young barley out of high school girl was taking my transaction. I noticed she had on a white I-phone watch. Being the tech geek that I am I ask her how she like the watch.

“I love it!” The teller exclaimed. “I don’t know what I would do without it anymore.”

“Can you make calls? How do you talk on it?” I ask with curiosity. I never seen one live before.

The teller lifted her wrist just below her chin and stated; “you just talk.”

“Wow! That’s like Dick Tracy, coming true.” I stated.

The teller looked at me quizzically, and ask… “Who I s Dick Tracy?”

After I explained who Dick Tracy, was a comic strip detective series created back in the 1930’s who happened to have a wrist watch that was a TV and walkie talkie, just like the i-phone watch, with the exception of the walkie talkie.

 It got to thinking about how far we have come technology wise, in such a short time. The I-phone is just one of the future technologies among thousands, that were in the minds of early sci-fi writers.
  In a hundred years, humans may just go from the Jetson’s lifestyle to Star Trek. Instead of planes, trains and automobiles, you’ll just have your atoms scrambled and beamed to far off lands or maybe even new worlds.

For content curation and distribution today, there is only two ways you can get your blog posts in the hands of your network.

Email and/or RSS. Which should you use? 

With all seriousness you need Both. Some may not want to give you their email address and would rather just get notifications on their desktop or smart phones. Then there are those that use their email program all the time and don’t mind timely messages and updates. 
Cater to both, and watch your traffic stats skyrocket faster than a roman candle on the fourth of July.

Every blogger and marketer knows about email marketing and the value of the potential in the inbox. Do you know about RSS?

Symantec publishing grid

Many of bloggers know how to burn a feed. I learned about RSS my first year of blogging. Back then you burned the feed and you could for a price have your feed aggregated into the top 55 blog directories.  

Today, it is a bit different. That is why you need to check out this video today because the price is going to increase. This product isn’t just for blogging either, but video sites, social media. It gets into tactics I have never seen before yet pretty easy to accomplish. It uncovers the core layers of the Symantec publishing grid.

I wonder if the creator of Dick Tracy ever thought of a world wide web?

You know, it's legal for me to take you down to the station and sweat it out of you under the lights. Dick Tracy. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Why I don't do email like Ben Settle

Why I don't do email 

Reason #1: If email marketing is done wrong you will look
like a spammer. Who in their right mind wants to look like a

Reason #2: You need a business plan, a content plan and a
marketing plan. That's to much planning for me. 

Reason #3: You need a squeeze page. Great designs cost a lot
of money and you still need at first to test and track your

Reason #4: You need a good autoresponder service. Without
this you are dead in the water anyway. Not to mention out of
pocket $20 to $50 a month. 

Reason #5: The inbox war Competition is to great. It seems 
that there is so much noise in the inbox that the probability 
of your message getting notice is slim to none. 

Now I am not saying email marketing is dead. It's not. For
most folks that market their services and products if you
are not in your prospects radar in the back of their mind
somewhere you might as well be another spammer.

This may sound daunting but there is another way to
communicate with your tribe, assuming you have a tribe to
begin with. 

You should also make sure that you're sending out your new
blog posts by RSS. That' s a very easy way to keep old users
coming back, and because users can put RSS feeds on some of
their homepages, you can be sure that they'll be coming back
on a regular basis.Joel Comm Author of Adsense Secrets

The way around is called RSS. Real simple
syndication for short. If you have a blog, wordpress,
blogger, Joomla, you should have an RSS feed for your blog.
This is the way communications have been for a decade or
longer and works. The problem is just many bloggers don't
know how to use it or the power of RSS.

The Future of the Internet

The future of the Internet is not in search engines, and
emails. Those are the 5 reason why I don't email. 

Alan says creator of Warrior forum said this from his book
Private Posts Vol. one. 

Now that you know what is better for bloggers to connect 
with their tribe, than the costly solution email marketing,

Don't forget to subscribe to my RSS feed.
These are the reasons why I don't do email like Ben Settle

Dick Tracy & the future of the Internet

When I was a boy I loved Saturday morning cartoon’s. You know the likes of The super friends, Shazam, Hong Kong Phooey. Sunday mornin...